Create an inspiring and supporting environment where medical, basic science, engineering, social science, and education professionals of all levels can come into contact with each other, resulting in cross-pollination between their ideas, methods and products.


We set the research agenda by identifying the societal challenges that benefit from the convergence of knowledge and expertise of the EUR, Erasmus MC and TU Delft.



Learners will gain verifiable, holistic skills and competencies to advance health in society via educational cooperation across domains (α,β,γ) and among learners at diverse levels.

Blend existing learning environments, disciplines and programs for convergent initiatives with novel educational content and form. Incorporate continuous learning growth for all students, instructors and researchers.

Fast Track Innovation

Multilevel design & innovation cycles


DIA4Health focuses on the health data and AI ecosystem to support data research and AI applications in the health(care) domain. It should facilitate easy yet secure data sharing, ethically, on a legal basis and with regard for ownership.