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Today, society faces major challenges, including climate change, pollution, lack of education, unemployment, and providing security, well-being and health(care) to all. To address these challenges, it is important to converge different disciplines to provide entirely new solutions and enhanced capabilities.

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam have the ambition to become a worldwide frontrunner in convergence for health(care). As a first step towards this ambition, all parties concerned have adopted a convergence strategy for health(care).To kickstart the implementation of this convergence strategy, attract convergence talent and connect research groups to our institutes, we have 34 vacancies for post-doctoral researchers within 17 two-year convergence for health(care) projects.

When hired, the postdoctoral researcher will work closely with the supervisors, Principal investigators and Collaborating investigators of the project to conduct high calibre research. The recruit is also encouraged to initiate and lead collaborative work with other postdoctoral researchers within the Convergence for health(care) initiative. Salary will be commensurate with qualification and increase with experience.

in Syn-Cell for health(care)
Position 50.05.19

Single-cell discovery of molecular mechanisms and biomarkers for targeted proton therapy

The Chien and Gonçalves Labs are looking for two self-motivated postdocs with a strong interest in working in a flagship multidisciplinary project between Erasmus MC and TU Delft, supported by the Convergence initiative. The project aims to gain a better understanding of response to proton therapy in head and neck cancer by investigating the influence of single-cell genotype, expression, DNA repair dynamics, and clonality on treatment outc...

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