Targeted Radio-molecules for High Precision Cancer Therapy

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We are looking for two self-motivated postdocs with a strong interest in working in a flagship multidisciplinary project between Erasmus MC and TU Delft on high precision cancer therapy, supported by the Convergence initiative. In this project we will develop novel theranostics targeting fibroblast activation protein (FAP) labeled (i) with various radionuclides to visualize and destroy cancer cells, and (ii) fluorescent dyes that can be used for precision tumor resection. These theranostics will be tested preclinically (i) using a PET/SPECT/optical/CT imaging device (VECTor) and (ii) in human tissue samples for which combined nuclear/optical microscopy will be developed. One postdoc candidate will be directly responsible for the synthesis, radiolabeling, in vitro and in vivo testing of the FAP-theranostics in preclinical models. The second candidate will be in charge of the imaging part and will enhance quantitative accuracy of VECTor by improving image reconstruction methods and develop nuclear microscopy of human tissue samples by advanced reconstruction methods and collimation.

Qualifications and skills

Postdoc 1 Erasmus MC

  • You are a highly motivated candidate with a university PhD degree in the field of Chemistry, Biochemistry or Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • You have outstanding theoretical and experimental research skills.
  • Experience with organic synthesis, radiolabeling techniques, in vitro assays and in vivo biological studies is compulsory.
  • You are well-organized and result-driven with a strong team spirit. You are fluent in written and spoken English.

Postdoc 2 TU Delft

  • The applicant should have a degree in Physics, Mathematics or Engineering and a relevant Ph.D. in Imaging.
  • Experience in conducting imaging experiments and advanced image processing & reconstruction is highly preferred.
  • The candidate will work in a highly multi-disciplinary team of biologists, chemists, biomedical engineers and physicist from TU Delft and Erasmus MC.


The postdocs should have a deep interest in the convergence of health sciences, physical sciences, and engineering to foster individual health and keep the healthcare system sustainable. They will work closely with the supervisors, Principal investigators and Collaborating investigators of the project to conduct high calibre research. They are also encouraged to initiate and lead collaborative work with other postdocs within the Convergence for health(care) initiative. Salary will be commensurate with qualification and experience.

About this position

Recruitment takes place until the vacancy is filled.
Hours a week: 36

Contact information:

Prof. Ir. Marion de Jong
Erasmus MC
Prof. Freek Beekman
TU Delft


Targeted Radio-molecules for High Precision Cancer Therapy