Creating and implementing the value-based ‘My digital twin’ from the earliest moment in life and throughout the life course

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We are looking for two self-motivated postdocs with a strong interest in working in a flagship multidisciplinary project between Erasmus MC and TU Delft on the topic of the "digital twin", supported by the Convergence initiative. A digital twin can help individuals to be and stay healthy over the course of their life by assisting in the prevention of chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancers. To create a functional and effective digital twin, knowledge about the medical determinants of chronic conditions need to be combined with insights into how individuals and the people or organizations they depend on are motivated to make healthy decisions. In this project, Erasmus MC and TU Delft develop a first prototype of a digital Platform for Life Course Care. The platform focuses on pregnant women and their partners, as circumstances during pregnancy can have an impact on lifelong health for both mother and child. By connecting individual health and motivation with the opportunities of the care system, the project will result in a prototype for personal health management that is desirable, feasible and viable, and which can be further developed in a next phase.


Two Postdoc positions exists for this collaborative research programme between TU Delft and Erasmus MC in the area of designing smart eHealth solutions. The candidates will be located in the My Digital Twin lab, which is one of the labs of the Convergence program of TU Delft and Erasmus MC. In the lab, TU Delft and Erasmus MC students, researchers and practitioners collaboratively develop a Digital Twin to be used by women with a child wish and their partners with the aim to prevent cardiovascular diseases from the earliest moment of life throughout the entire life course. The focus of these two Postdocs positions is on developing and testing a digital Life Course Care Platform that will be part of the Digital Twin, starting with (pre) pregnant women-, and their partners.


One Postdoc will be based at TU Delft, and one Postdoc will be based at Erasmus MC. As a TU Delft Postdoc you will use a qualitative  research-through-design process approach to investigate how to successfully design, implement and scale a Digital Twin, with the digital Life Course Care Platform as a prototype. As an Erasmus MC Postdoc you are responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating personalized care pathways integrating medical care with lifestyle coaching for hypertensive women with a child wish and their partners.


Qualification and skills


Overall applicants must have the following qualifications:

    • PhD degree or prospect of defending the PhD before March 2020


    • The ability to work well in multidisciplinary projects


    • The ability to conduct research in complex, emerging settings


    • Mental flexibility and strong communication skills for collaborating with partners and performing research in a field setting


    • Proficient in written and spoken English


    • Affinity with ICT

The TU Delft Postdoc should have:


A background in strategic design or organization studies

    • Affinity with and/or an interest in researching business ecosystems from a design perspective


    • Strong qualitative research skills, such as interviewing, case study research and/or observations


    • Capable of coaching designers while creating impactful smart solutions in the context of a digital twin


    • Knowledge of the Dutch health care context, business model research and/or experience with tools such as value flow mapping is a plus.

 The Erasmus MC postdoc should have:

    • A background in Medicine, Health sciences, or (Health) Psychology


    • Affinity with reproduction, lifestyle, nutrition, e-health, and innovation


    • Knowledge of implementation and evaluation methods, and/or (medical) informatics and/or epidemiology is preferred


    • Quantitative and qualitative research skills, including prediction models, and adaptive RCTs.



The postdocs should have a deep interest in the convergence of health sciences, physical sciences, and engineering to foster individual health and keep the healthcare system sustainable. They will work closely with the supervisors, Principal investigators and Collaborating investigators of the project to conduct high calibre research. They are also encouraged to initiate and lead collaborative work with other postdocs within the Convergence for health(care) initiative. Salary will be commensurate with qualification and experience.

About this position

Recruitment takes place until the vacancy is filled.
Hours a week: 36

Contact information:

Dr. ir. Lenie van Rossem
Erasmus MC
Dr. ir. Marina Bos
TU Delft


Creating and implementing the value-based ‘My digital twin’ from the earliest moment in life and throughout the life course