Smart instruments and interventions

Theme description

This theme focuses on novel treatment strategies and technologies to increase the efficiency of cure and care, improve the outcome of interventions, and maximize the patients’ ability to return home as quickly as possible and to manage their own wellbeing and social participation.


We envision innovations ranging from diagnostics and therapy planning to novel therapeutic options, patient follow-up and monitoring. TU Delft and Erasmus MC have the complimentary expertise to achieve breakthroughs through convergence. For example by combining knowledge of the mechanical properties of catheters, needles and other minimally invasive surgical devices with the know-how of surgeons, radiologists and cardiologists who will eventually use them.


Flagship “Augmenting Humans”

We will develop smart instruments to augment the capacities of both clinicians and patients.

Clinicians will use these tools to perform minimally invasive and minimally traumatic interventions, supported by all kinds of information supplied to them during interventions by techniques such as virtual reality.


For patients, we will develop for example novel sensors to monitor their condition 24/7 and exoskeletons or prostheses, all to help them remain mobile.



  • Wearables that help people keep their balance during rehabilitation or every-day activities
  • Smart, steerable instruments to detect and remove blood clots in arteries after stroke
  • Smart drugs that release their active ingredient inside the body only when and where it is needed