Nanobiology and molecular medicine

Theme description

Creating healthcare tools that are intrinsically dynamic, robust and multi-functional like living systems.  To develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches by understanding, modelling, simulating and intervening in processes at the cellular and molecular level.



Flagship “Syn-Cell for health(care)”

We aim for break-through advances in predictive models for the molecular basis for healthy vs. diseases states, simple affordable diagnostic and treatment tools, personalized bio-based therapeutics and, blended living tissue/cell engineering applications. Defining and quantifying biology as functional processes and interactions at the molecular and cellular level will identify the root causes of disease allowing us to determine the most effective ways to restore lost function, promote cellular/organ homeostasis and induce repair.


Molecules interact in cells, cells interact in organs, organs interact in the body, and our bodies interact with microbiome/pathogens.  At all of these levels new technology can create more effective medical interventions as well s more accurate, sensitive diagnoistic and prognostic tools.



  • Holistic functional tests on patient biopsy to predict response to anti-cancer therapy
  • Harness forces acting on cells and 3D printing to engineer tissue replacement materials
  • Define dynamic cellular behavior as a diagnosis for neuron disfunction in psychological disorders and metastatic advance in cancer