€69 million for Health RI from National Growth Fund

On April 9, part of the allocations from the National Growth Fund were announced. There will be €69 million available for a national health data infrastructure, Health-RI.   

Tekst: Carola Poleij | 28 april 2021

2 minutes


The aim of Health-RI is to promote the reuse of health data for research and innovation. Wiro Niessen (Chief Technical Officer Health-RI, Professor in Biomedical Image Analysis at Erasmus MC and TU Delft): "The award of the growth fund will enable Health-RI to realize the infrastructure that will make it possible to learn from health data on a large scale. This will, for example, support the trend shift from treatment to prevention, and enable treatments that are optimized for the individual patient. In this process, AI techniques will also play an increasingly important role."  

Tim van der Hagen, Chairman of the Board of Governors of TU Delft is pleased with the investments. In addition to an allocation in the health domain, the investments will contribute to improving accessibility, Quantum, Green Power and Artificial Intelligence: "They are badly needed to make better use of the innovation power and economy of South Holland, to which we contribute jointly with knowledge institutions from Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft and Leiden." Van der Hagen continues: "At the TU Delft Campus, we are working very intensively with industry, governments and other knowledge institutions to strengthen our ecosystems around AI, Health, Quantum, Chemistry and Energy, which also translates the enormous potential of these topics for South Holland and the rest of the Netherlands into a sustainable, safe and livable future. Investments in knowledge and innovation, health data infrastructure, the energy infrastructure, but also, for example, public transport, strengthen our regional ecosystems."