Single-cell discovery of molecular mechanisms and biomarkers for targeted proton therapy

Position 50.05.19
About this position

Recruitment takes place until the vacancy is filled.
Hours a week: 36

The Chien and Gonçalves Labs are looking for two self-motivated postdocs with a strong interest in working in a flagship multidisciplinary project between Erasmus MC and TU Delft, supported by the Convergence initiative. The project aims to gain a better understanding of response to proton therapy in head and neck cancer by investigating the influence of single-cell genotype, expression, DNA repair dynamics, and clonality on treatment outcome. One of the postdocs will apply single cell imaging, selection and sequencing technology developed in the Chien lab, to characterize irradiated tumor cells. The other postdoc will design computational methods and build models to predict and identify biomarkers of treatment outcome. The postdocs will work synergistically in the Chien and Gonçalves labs.

Qualifications and skills

The candidates must have a PhD in a relevant discipline, and a record that reflects individual accomplishment. Strong command of written and spoken scientific English is essential.


The postdocs should have a deep interest in the convergence of health sciences, physical sciences, and engineering to foster individual health and keep the healthcare system sustainable. They will work closely with the supervisors, Principal investigators and Collaborating investigators of the project to conduct high calibre research. They are also encouraged to initiate and lead collaborative work with other postdocs within the Convergence for health(care) initiative. Salary will be commensurate with qualification and experience.


Single-cell discovery of molecular mechanisms and biomarkers for targeted proton therapy

Contact information

Dr. Miao-Ping Chien
Erasmus MC

Dr. Joana Gonçalves