Converging ethics for converging technologies

Posted by Erasmus MC/TU Delft 353 days ago

We are looking for two self-motivated postdocs with a strong interest in working in a multidisciplinary project between Erasmus MC and TU Delft on the topic of ethics for medical technology, supported by the Convergence initiative. This project will develop an ethics convergence of the expertise of Erasmus MC in medical ethics with that of TU Delft in ethics of technology, as an umbrella project. Two postdocs will also assist with providing ethics advice and education for the Flagship projects. The team will proactively focus its innovative ethics research, using a mixed methods approach and involving stakeholder views, on two main themes identified as most relevant to the Flagship projects, the ethics of continuous data collection, and of AI, machine learning and algorithms and the ethics of personalized and precision medicine. It is an essential part of the Convergence initiative’s mission to “explicitly include ethical and social concerns at each step of the discovery-development-implementation cycle.”

As ethics postdoc you will perform research into the ethical issues raised by the (bio)medical-technical research conducted in the convergence Flagships. This research will be centered around one of two main themes: the ethics of continuous data collection, and of AI, machine learning and algorithms (at TU Delft) or the ethics of personalized and precision medicine (at Erasmus MC). You will also provide ethics advice and education for the Flagship projects, and you will contribute to developing a ‘convergence ethics approach’ to medico-technical ethics. You will work independently, but in close collaboration with the PIs and ethics staff of TU Delft and Erasmus MC, as well as with medico-technical researchers, using a mixed methods approach of theoretical analysis and empirical work, including stakeholder views.

Qualifications and skills:

The selected candidate will conduct research in ethics of medical technologies. We are looking for applicants with the following qualifications:

  • PhD degree in the field of Ethics and a specialization in Ethics of Technology, Biomedical Ethics or related fields in Applied Ethics
  • Strong commitment to doing research in Ethics of Medical Technologies
  • Excellent English skills
  • Flexibility and readiness to work in interdisciplinary teams


The postdocs should have a deep interest in the convergence of health sciences, physical sciences, and engineering to foster individual health and keep the healthcare system sustainable. They will work closely with the supervisors, Principal investigators and Collaborating investigators of the project to conduct high calibre research. They are also encouraged to initiate and lead collaborative work with other postdocs within the Convergence for health(care) initiative. Salary will be commensurate with qualification and experience.