Convergence for Health & Technology

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC and TU Delft will bring together their staff, students, data and infrastructures to create a transdisciplinary ecosystem, with the collective aim to shape the future of health(care).


We are convinced that the healthcare challenges require a completely different approach than we have applied so far. We are going to tear down the boundaries between the alpha, beta, gamma and medical sciences and institutions, and will combine all our scientific strengths, (tacit) knowledge and methods to realise a thriving ecosystem where staff, students, society, government and industry realize a stimulating and efficient cross-pollination between their ideas, procedures, instruments and products to create the future of health and healthcare.


Create an inspiring and supporting environment where medical, engineering, and education professionals of all levels can come into contact with each other resulting in cross-pollination between their ideas, procedures, instruments and products.

Blend existing learning environments, disciplines and programs for convergent initiatives with novel educational content and form. Incorporate continuous learning growth for all students, instructors and researchers.

Shape the future of health

Driven to improve health and societal participation for all by shaping the future of health (care) in a transformative way.

Realise life-long health: from pre-birth to end of life.

Change from one size fits all to a precision and individual healthcare approach.

Actively involve citizens and reduce socio-economic inequality in health(care).