Convergence for Health & Technology

We are on a mission to improve life-long health for all.

TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC join forces and integrate knowledge, expertise and methodology. Through Convergence, we form novel frameworks that foster scientific discovery and technological innovation.

Together we shape the future of healthcare

We are convinced that the healthcare challenges require a completely different approach than we have applied so far. We are going to tear down the boundaries between the alpha, beta, gamma and medical sciences and institutions, and will combine all our scientific strengths, (tacit) knowledge and methods to realise a thriving ecosystem where staff, students, society, government and industry realize a stimulating and efficient cross-pollination between their ideas, procedures, instruments and products to create the future of health and healthcare.

Driven to improve health and societal participation for all by shaping the future of health (care) in a transformative way.

Realise life-long health: from pre-birth to end of life.

Change from one size fits all to a precision and individual healthcare approach.

Actively involve citizens and reduce socio-economic inequality in health(care).


We want to understand the molecular basis of life and disease across the scales from molecule to patient, towards revolutionary new molecular, instrumentation, and data analysis methods for health applications.

This community fuels the convergence knowledge pipeline, connecting basic research to new healthcare innovations in early detection, disease diagnosis, treatment monitoring, and precision molecular medicine. We produce new knowledge and technology, and contribute to translation thereof into actionable diagnostic information, reliable therapeutic decisions, and ethically acceptable, societally supported solutions to healthcare challenges.

We develop novel technology, including, imaging technology, devices, and artificial intelligence tools, to facilitate new possibilities for prevention, diagnostics, cure and care.

We lay the foundations for a more proactive and personalized life course approach to health and health care. Personalization will result in improved accuracy of diagnosis, optimized treatments, and minimal side-effects, leading to enhanced resilience, faster resumption of daily life activities, and a longer time span of healthy and active living. A transition from reactivity to proactivity will empower and motivate citizens to be actively involved in their own health. This is key to improving health and quality of life, reducing the burden on the health care system, and addressing socioeconomic inequalities in health.

We promote individual health, implement effective prevention strategies, early disease detection, and more personalized treatment from the earliest moment of life and throughout life.

We contribute to providing an optimal start of life, maintaining health throughout life, predicting disease, improving outcome of treatment, and optimizing recovery and end-of-life care. It will help transform the traditional health care system, a ‘disease cure system’, into a connected system that focuses on the entire health journey throughout life, effectively integrating various formal and informal health care systems with multi-layered data sources.

We contribute to the creation of a data-driven, resilient, inclusive, value-based & affordable healthcare system by deploying smart digital and enabling health technologies.

This unlocks radically new models of care and new health technologies that promote and maintain health for all. The outcomes will guide the way towards the health care system of the future. Anchoring the development of the future health care system in engineering and design will increase the positive societal impact of health technology.

Postdoc Positions


Our postdoctoral researchers initiate and lead collaborative work. Within each Convergence Health and Technology project, both a postdoctoral researcher from the TU Delft and Erasmus MC work closely together, and are supported by supervisors, Principal investigators and Collaborating investigators to conduct high calibre research. Interested? Look at our vacancies.